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An Elemental Retreat

October 27th to 30th 2023 - Byron Bay Hinterland

Reconnect to your natural self

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Mind. Body. Spirit.


Away from the distraction of every day  life, join us in a journey of deep reconnection to your natural self.


Bath yourself in the beauty of the Byron Bay hinterland, reconnecting to yourself by embodying the elements of nature through the deep healing combination of Elemental Prana Flow yoga, nature hikes, waterfall swims, meditations in bamboos forest and the vibrational retune of vibroacoustic sound therapy.. 


In this 3-night retreat, Dorothee Marossero and Katie Jameson will take you on a journey of reconnection with the elements of nature:


Earth, water, fire and air.

Embodying the natural elements is a beautiful and essential step in the spiritual development process. It allows us to slow down, to observe, to tune, to be in awe, to rediscover certain aspects of ourselves and let go of what is not serving anymore, the "masks" we wear, the "shoulds" and limiting beliefs, and step up to a new level of presence and vibrancy.

Join us for a deeply transformative reset!

If you feel a strong desire to reconnect with yourself, release what is not serving you anymore, cultivate peace and joy in your heart, through the magic of movement medicine, the elements of nature and the magic of sound healing, this retreat is for you! 

Nestled in the ancestrally grounded Byron Bay hinterland, the House of Moon’s property is an acreage of expansive tropical gardens, fruit orchards, enchanted bamboo forests and abundant native wildlife. The property offers breathtaking views of the hinterland valley, with serene and magnificent sunrise and sunset. The nighttime is just as magical with mesmerising star gazing and moon bathing. An extensive and abundant veggie garden provides wholesome, fresh and organic food for the whole retreat, cooked with love by the beautiful earth mama Mali Moon.

Click here to learn more about House of Moons.

Location, location, location

What we will be doing

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Indulge in the healing combination of high vibrational organic food, energising and grounding elemental Prana vinyasa yoga and a vibrational retune with vibroacoustic sound therapy.


Elemental Prana Vinyasa Yoga

We are part of the natural world, we are partly Earth, partly Water, partly Fire, partly Air...  Prana vinyasa yoga sessions are an invitation to reconnect deeply to your natural self, your Higher Self, through soulful movements bathed by inspiring music. Each practice is an embodiment of an element (earth, water, fire, air) and an activation of the corresponding energy centre.

Prana Vinyasa is an evolutionary and soulful yoga style created by Shiva Rea. Breathe, move, dance, enjoy a 2-hour Prana vinyasa yoga practice every day of the retreat!



We are electromagnetic beings, and every aspect of us is a vibrational frequency. Allow Katherine to support every cell of your body to resonate through her vibroacoustic sound therapy devices. As you lay atop the sound lounge, hundreds of healing sound waves pulse directly throughout the waters, bones, organs, cells of your body resonating and retuning Imbalances. Sound therapy tracks are scientifically composed for a range of healing conditions. Indulge in two 2-hour Yin and Sound Healing sessions during the retreat, plus vibroacoustic devices are available throughout your time here or for an even deeper experience, book an extra private session with Katie.


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Slow earthy living

Give yourself permission to slow down, to feel the energy of the beautiful land, to nourish your body with wholesome organic food grown on the property. Reconnect with the grounding essence of the earth and the fluidity of the water on our hike and swim in one of the natural swim hole located in the  area. Still your mind in the bamboo cathedral during our outdoor meditation, and release anything that is not serving you during our bon fire ceremony.

Meet your hosts

Dorothee Marossero

Dorothee is a woman empowerment coach, international yoga teacher, Pranic Healer, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Master practitioner, mother of two beautiful boys, musician, writer, hiker... lover of life!

She is the founder of Fearlessly Yourself, where she shares her passion about redefining what humans were conditioned to believe success, beauty and life ought to be. She is a river guide for women that are struggling with a harsh inner critic, a sense of misalignment and lack of vitality in their life, helping them to find purpose, regain their inner-power, reconnect to self-love, presence and more importantly joy.

Throughout the retreat, Dorothee will combine her different approaches to allow each individual to reconnect to their natural essence, through movement medicine (yoga), connection to the elements, breathwork, and other NLP approaches.

"The goal of all of this, is to wholesomely love life".

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Katherine Jameson

Katherine is the owner and founder of VibroSound, Australia’s first vibroacoustic sound therapy company. She is a professional composer, multidimensional energy healer, teacher and sound therapist. Her innate knowledge of music stems from studying classical music at university, and her practical knowledge is embedded through her journey to healing from endometriosis, a chronic pain condition. She now spends her life dedicated to helping others heal and shift their consciousness through the power of Sound and Energy medicine. Merging science and spirituality, Katherine tailors each training, facilitation and healing session to the individual as she works as an intuitive/ psychic empath to ‘see’ into the body. A truly unique experience.  

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Retreat Daily Themes

Foggy Forest

Day 1: Connect with your Earthy nature


Day 2: Embody your sensual self with Water

Camp Fire at Night

Day 3: Activate your warrior woman with Fire


Day 4: Find softness and spaciousness with Air

Arrival 2:30pm on Friday 27/10, Departure 11am on Monday 30/10.

Full retreat schedule to be sent 6 weeks prior to retreat.



Morning and afternoon yoga (2-hour Prana vinyasa in the morning and 2 hour Yin in the afternoon including sound healing) and meditation practices led by Dorothee (6 practices in total)

2 Sound Healing sessions with crystal bowls led by Katie

Vibro-acoustic Sound Therapy available on site

Homemade, organic and delicious vegan/ vegetarian meals plus tea and healthy snacks coming from the luxurious veggie garden on the property


A meditation in the center of a bamboo cathedral


A Bon Fire letting go ceremony


A group Turkish steam room session

A nature bathing hike with swim in a local water fall


Use of outdoor 15m pool and the expansive lush surrounds

Lots of amazing hike available around the area

Plenty of free time to rest



Available to book as extra:

- Relaxation Massages

Private steam room sessions


- Vibro-acoustic sound healing sessions: Struggling with an aspect of your health and wish to focus on shifting your vibration? Experience vibroacoustic therapy whenever you’d like throughout the retreat, or book in for a 1:1 healing session with Katherine, as she utilises vibroacoustic therapy, tuning forks, and channels high frequency energy to upgrade the nervous system, clear the auric field and remind you of your multidimensional nature. A total mind body spirit vibrational retune. Give yourself the gift of an hour to feel truly shifted.



"Dorothee has a rare ability to create a peaceful, non-judgmental, loving space. Wholeheartedly recommend this incredible being." 

Jane / Australia

"The House of Moons is an incredible place, lush with nature, the food comes directly from the impressive organic veggie garden and the hosts are amazing. Dorothee's yoga practices are truly transformational and Katie's sound healing is out of this world. The place is just magical.

Be ready for a treat!!"

Anne / France


Pool Room (private or shared options):

Beautiful room near pool with outdoor bathroom

Private double bed $1,799 pp

Shared 2 singles $1,499 pp

Loft Room (private or shared options):

Cosy loft room in the house - note steep stair accessible 

Private double bed $1,799 pp

Shared 2 singles $1,499 pp

White Room (sharing only): for two yoginis

Beautiful room located in the house

Shared 2 singles $1,499 pp

Moon Room (sharing only) for two yoginis

Beautiful room located in the house

Shared 2 singles $1,499 pp

Master Moon Room (sharing only) for four yoginis

Master moon shaped bedroom located in the house

Shared single beds $1,444 pp


Private / Shared onsite tent under shed with sleeping gear ready for one or two yogini 

Private $1,399 pp

Shared $1,211 pp


Bring your own tent and sleeping gear $1090 pp

*pp: price per person



House of Moons has shared bathrooms only (2 for the house and 1 outside). No private bathroom available.

Deposit of $350 required to reserve your spot. Full payment due 8 weeks before retreat date. Click on the book button to pay the deposit.

Payment plans available, contact us via the form below.

Contact us for more info

Thanks for submitting!

Cancellation, Payment & Covid Refund Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand this policy. By coming on this retreat you are confirming that you are free from COVID-19 symptoms, assuming any travel risks and are releasing DottYoga (Dorothee Marossero) from any liability that might arise from your negligence, carelessness or from your general participation in this retreat. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and we encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. If you’re unable to travel due to lockdown, COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis the accommodation part of your booking with House Of Moons is non-refundable but can be transferred to a future date of your choosing. DottYoga will refund you the fees for the retreat experience minus a $50 admin fee and any bank transfer fees. You are responsible for all your travel arrangements. Please note that this retreat has limited numbers so it allows for a more personable, intimate experience and this cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for reasons including weather, injury/ illness, or personal emergencies. Exceptions are made for unforeseen lockdown and COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis only as mentioned above. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early is available. The final payment must be made 30 days before the retreat begins. If you sign up for the retreat within 30 days of the retreat starting full payment is required upon registration. Retreats are all inclusive of the details listed above unless otherwise stated. Any inquiries about our policy can be directed to

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