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Reconnect To Your Higher Self - A Journey Through The Chakras

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Embark on a transformative exploration through the realms of your chakras, unlocking the gateways to self-discovery and holistic well-being. This immersive course is designed to guide you through an embodiment journey, making the unconscious conscious and fostering a profound reconnection to your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. The path we tread leads to expansion, vitality, and a heightened sense of presence. What you can expect: Over the course of seven weeks, we will delve into the depths of your being through a series of tailored practices and enriching resources: 1- Prana Flow Yoga Practices: Engage in seven one-hour to one-hour twenty-minute yoga sessions, each meticulously crafted to focus on a specific chakra and corresponding area of the body. 2- Comprehensive E-Booklets: Receive seven detailed e-booklets, unraveling the mysteries of each chakra on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Learn to recognize imbalances and discover corrective techniques. Each booklet is accompanied by chakra-specific questions to deepen your self-reflection. 3- Weekly Reflections, Meditations, and Tasks: Immerse yourself in weekly contemplative practices, meditations, or tasks designed to heighten awareness and facilitate the release of imbalances within your mind-body system. As Bonuses, You'll Receive: - Chakra Balancing Flow (30 minutes):A short, invigorating practice aimed at restoring balance to your chakras and revitalizing your energy. - Chakra Balancing Yin Practice (1 hour):A deep, meditative session promoting relaxation and balance through the gentle practice of Yin yoga. Join me on this transformative journey, as we navigate the realms of your chakras together. Rediscover the essence of who you are, and embrace a profound reconnection with yourself. Get ready for a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of the physical and takes you on an inward journey toward a more vibrant and present existence.

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