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Reconnect to your higher self!

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Welcome to your journey through the chakras! An embodiment journey bringing the unconscious conscious, reconnecting to your physical, mental, emotional and energetical bodies toward expansion, vitality and presence. Seven weeks of inner inquiry, transformational chakra based yoga practices, meditations and reflections that will awaken different aspects of yourself. What' s in it: - 7 one-hour to one-hour twenty minutes Prana Flow yoga practices focusing on a particular chakra and area of the body - 7 e-booklets describing the different chakras on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, how to recognize imbalances and correct them; with chakra specific questions to reflect on. - Weekly reflections, meditations or/and tasks to bring awareness and release imbalances in your mind-body system - As bonuses you get 2 extra practices: - A short 30 min Chakra Balancing Flow - And a 1-hour Chakra Balancing Yin practice Join me for a transformative experience and a deep reconnection to yourself!

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