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Expansion Coaching Life coaching for women

Who is this for?

I support women struggling with a sense of misalignment and lack of vitality and clarity of what their purpose in life is, a harsh inner-critic and women yearning to find a deep sense of self-love, inner-power, presence and more importantly joy.


If you are deeply committed to dig deep, be curious, open about new ways of thinking, feeling, being and living, and truly willing to do the inner work, then this is for you.

A unique Mind-Body- Spirit approach creating lasting changes

The transformation from coaching
Expansion coaching steps

We spend some time at the beginning of our time together, to deepen your connection, awareness and consciousness to your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. 

We then acknowledge and release those patterns that are blockers of your happiness and limiting your full potential today.

We rewire your mind body system with new beliefs and resourceful states, so that you can truly embody those new states of being.

Finally, as you start to fully step up to the most vibrant version of yourself, we spend some time co-creating the life you deserve and have been waiting for!

What to expect during the coaching sessions

My goal is to support you in whatever you wish to focus on in your personal development journey.


My coaching sessions aim at bringing awareness and consciousness to the thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns that do not serve you anymore, in order to release and go beyond what is limiting your full potential today.

What you can expect from the coaching sessions is a safe place to reconnect to your authentic self, regain your inner powers and embrace a life that feels rich, purposeful and wholesome.

During our first session, we will set your intention for this coaching journey. But don't worry if this is not so clear at that time, I help you clarify what your deep and true personal intentions and goals are and we discuss how to get you there.

Each coaching session will focus on what you would like to discuss, unpack, reflect and realise at that moment in time and according to the coaching intentions we set at the beginning of our work together.

Each session starts with a short meditation or breath work to arrive in the space together and then I will guide you through questions, inquiry, guided meditations, NLP approaches or energy healing or somatic approaches to bring to your awareness some of your limiting patterns of thinking and unlock the key to a wholesome way of being. 

How long are the sessions and where?

Each coaching sessions lasts 60 min and can be done via zoom or face to face in my private coaching room in Brisbane, QLD, Australia (Tingalpa) and in my therapy room at InnaBliss in Bulimba (1/57 Oxford Street, Bulimba).

What is the price?

Two coaching packages are available to you, depending on the number of sessions you choose, so check them out below. Monthly pricing plans available.

I am interested, what is the next step?

The next step is to connect with me via zoom in a completely FREE discovery call and figure out if I am the right person to support you in your journey. I know it can be a bit daunting to pick up the phone and connect on zoom, but finding out if we are a good match is a very important step. We will discuss your current struggles, needs and goals and the best way to approach those. We will also discuss package options and sessions schedule.

What Fearless Women Say

"Amazing ... Life changing!!!

Before the program, I was not in touch with

my body, unable to sit with my feelings, constantly  avoiding them, battling anxiety. I had little to no self love, and was lacking the ability to connect with others. I had the need to be validated, to be good enough, in the eyes of others..

The program helped me in any ways imaginable!! Now, I am living again! I have a desire to create a life filled with compassion for others and the world we live in.

What you do Dorothee is kind of indescribable ... Ways I never realised was possible for me to be, to operate if I wanted to, or imagine and understand what life could be - it was like my mind was closed of and I was functioning at 5%.

So much Healing. So much support. So much wisdom.

Thanks for believing in me. xx"


Nicole, lives in NSW, Australia
Beautiful human inside out,
working mother


There are 3 coaching packages options, depending on the number of coaching sessions you would like to start with. They are all perfectly good options, it just depends on how much support and growth you choose and your budget. You can pay in full or choose the monthly pricing plan corresponding to the number of sessions chosen, as shown below.

Have a chat with me first to discuss what would be the best option for you.

Pay in full or choose your monthly coaching plan

  • Reveal Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly payment for a total 3 private 1hr coaching sessions.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 private coaching sessions online or face-to-face (60min).
    • Unlimited access to my live yoga classes.
    • Access to my on-demand courses.
    • A complementary energy healing.
  • Transform Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly payment for a total of 6 private coaching sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 private 1hr coaching sessions online or face to face.
    • Unlimited access to live and on demand yoga classes
    • Access to my online courses
    • 2 complementary energy healings
  • Empower Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly payment for a total of 10 private coaching sessions
    Valid for 10 months
    • 10 private 1hr coaching sessions online or face to face
    • Unlimited access to my live and on demand yoga
    • Access to my online courses
    • 3 energy healings
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