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Private Coaching


What to expect

My coaching sessions aim at bringing awareness and consciousness to the thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns that do not serve you anymore, in order to release and go beyond what is limiting your full potential today.


I use a combination of developmental tools including Neuro-Linguistic programming, mindfulness techniques and energy healing approaches to bring new resourceful perspectives to the mind, release blocked patterns and raise your vibration.

My goal is to support you in whatever you wish to focus on in your personal development journey and help you figure out what your coaching intention and goals could be.

What you can expect from the coaching sessions is a safe place to reconnect to your authentic self, regain your inner powers and embrace a life that feels rich, purposeful and wholesome.

Check out what people say about working with me here.

Each coaching sessions lasts 60 min and can be done via zoom or face to face in my private coaching room in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

A few coaching packages are available to you, so check them out below. Monthly pricing plans available.


My preferred next step is that we connect via zoom in a discovery call and figure out if I am the right person to support you in your journey. I know it can be a bit daunting to pick up the phone and connect on zoom, but finding out if we are a good match is a very important step.

Our private coaching options

Each coaching session will focus on what you would like to discuss, unpack, reflect and realise at that time and according to the coaching intentions we set at the beginning of our work together.

During each coaching session, we will start with a short meditation or breath work to arrive in the space together and then I will guide you through questions, inquiry, guided meditations and other NLP approaches to bring to your awareness some of your limiting patterns of thinking and unlock the key to a wholesome way of being. 

There are 3 coaching packages options, depending on the number of coaching sessions you would like to start with. They are all perfectly good options, it just depends on how much support and growth you choose and your budget.

Have a chat with me first to discuss what would be the best option for you.

Life coaching



A set of 3 private coaching sessions online or face to face.

Online Consultation



A set of 6 private coaching sessions online or face to face.

Happy Meditator



A set of 10 private coaching sessions online or face to face.