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A 12-week program to living an authentic, wholesome, joyful life.

This is our most comprehensive, holistic program, combining it all in a conscious group setting...

My years of experience as a yoga teacher, NLP master practitioner, developmental coach, energy healer and nutrition specialist... Because everything is connected, the food we eat, how much we exercise, the thoughts that run in our head and those that run us, our beliefs, our connection to ourselves, our love for ourselves and others, the planet…

I have learned throughout my life experience that you cannot work on only one aspect at a time, that for deep and sustainable changes you have to work on all fronts! So when you create healthy mind patterns, you can develop sustainable exercise routines, self-care practices and healthy eating habits. These healthy habits help your mood and mind stay conscious, vital and positive. You cultivate a virtuous cycle.

The Fearlessly Yourself program is based on four pillars:

mindset coaching


Mind-care is as important as your body care. We will focus on your mindset here with coaching sessions using developmental tools from neurolinguistic programming and mindfulness practice. I will help you shift some limiting beliefs and patterns and release fear. I will support you to create your authentic fearless self.


Movement is fundamental to health, vitality, happiness and long life. We will focus on creating healthy and enjoyable active habits that fit your body and current life schedule. We will bring awareness of the connection of the mind and body, to understand how it is all related! You can choose to include yoga in your program if you wish.




nutrition coaching

What you eat, where your food comes from, how it is grown, how and why you eat the food you eat... all these choices have an impact on your health and vitality, mood and hormonal balance. A major part of the program is changing your relationship to food and creating life-lasting healthy habits.


self-care nutrition

Here, we'll spend some time creating sustainable self-care habits that nourish your body, mind and soul. Improving your sleep routine, learning relaxation techniques, prioritising time for yourself, bringing joy, play, and creativity to your life. Every day!


Our unique program

Our unique approach

Our approach

Every three weeks we will progress through different themes in each of our pillars (mindset, movement, nutrition and self-care):

  •  Discover Yourself:

The first three weeks is the discovery part of the program, where you connect and bring awareness to your deep self.

  •  Let Go:

The next three weeks you let go of old patterns, attachments, beliefs that do not serve you today.

  •  Open Your Heart:

The following three weeks, it is time to accept yourself as you are, open your heart to unconditional love, to your divine feminine nature.

  •  Awaken to Meaning:

Awaken to your authentic and magnificent self to be able to create the wholesome and meaningful life you are dreaming of!


What's included?

Depending on the chosen package, your program will include a different number of elements. All packages are 12-week holistic programs and include circles (group coaching), yoga and/or meditation, nutrition planning and weekly e-booklets.


Women circles

Engage in weekly or bi-weekly sharing and coaching circles, providing a space for you to express your reflections and experiences related to the weekly tasks and themes. Connect with other incredible women on the self-exploration journey, and participate in group coaching sessions with me. It's a meaningful dive into the collective human experience, fostering profound connections.

yoga profile studio edited.jpg

Group yoga classes,

online or at the studio

Move your body in a mindful way every week with live prana vinyasa classes, online or in studio. 2 classes per week.

Live sessions in the yoga studio in Brisbane or via Zoom.

weekly booklet.JPG

Your digital partner:

the weekly e-booklet

Each week, we will cover new topics, set our tasks for the week in each pillar and depending on where you are in your transformational journey.


A 30-day nutrition challenge

Creating healthy habits to fuel the mind and the body.


Option for 1-1 coaching sessions*

Bringing awareness and releasing limiting beliefs using neuro- linguistic programming and mindfulness techniques. In the Brisbane studio or via Zoom.

1 hour sessions, except first and last sessions, 1 ½ hours.

*Those 1-1 sessions are NOT included in the program price. As a participant of the program, you are gifted a 10% discount on the 1-1 coaching prices. Check my Expansion Coaching for pricing.

01 photo yoga studio retouchee.jpg

Options for private yoga and/or meditation sessions*

Balancing the mind and the body with yoga, based on the chakras and the five elements. In the Brisbane studio or via Zoom.

1 hour sessions.

*Those 1-1 sessions are NOT included in the program price. As a participant of the program, you are gifted a 10% discount on the 1-1 coaching prices. Check my Expansion Coaching for pricing.

More questions check out our FAQ

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What is included

Now only 1 Intake Per Year

The program starts on the same date for all participants and finishes at the end of the 12th week after the start. 10 participants max per intake.

Apply for the 2024 intake.

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