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Retreats and events

Join us in 2024 one of those transformative events!


Winter Rebirth

A Full moon gathering for women

June 22nd 2024 - Full day retreat

10am - 7:30pm AEST

Join us for a transformative day retreat amidst the serene beauty of a hidden oasis in Brisbane. As the full moon graces the sky, immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience designed to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


From Prana Vinyasa Yoga to a mesmerizing sound bath, tranquil walks by the water's edge, and a heartfelt sharing circle, every moment is crafted to inspire inner radiance and renewal.


Conclude the day with a sacred fire ceremony, releasing what no longer serves you and embracing the power of new beginnings.

In Tune With The Moon

A restorative sound bathing session to for clarity and empowerment

Innabliss Yoga Camp Hill - Saturday, 6th July 2024

5pm-7:30pm AEST

YOU'RE INVITED to join us for a restorative yoga and crystal bowl sound healing session, carefully crafted to align with the current lunar energies, offering a pathway to your personal flourishing.

Guided by Yoga teacher and Women Empowerment Coach Dorothee Marossero and Meditation and Yoga teacher Kellie Ulyate, this experience will feature a restorative yoga practice complemented by crystal bowl accompaniment and insights from astrology, providing opportunities for journaling and reflection to fully embrace the present moment.

Bookings on the Innabliss website:

Copy of A SOUND BATH AND RESTORATIVE YOGA JOURNEY to restore and revive Saturday 6th April

2024 Byron Bay Retreat

A 4-Day Retreat To Celebrate Womanhood and Reclaim Feminine Power

October 10th to 13th 2024 - Byron Bay Hinterland


Amidst the ancient wisdom of the Byron hinterland, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey – Radiant Rebirth. This four-day retreat is crafted as a sacred space for women to honour and celebrate the essence of womanhood, while tapping into the reservoir of their innate feminine power.

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