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Can I join the program from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can join from anywhere with access to internet and video conference. Both the coaching sessions and yoga sessions can be done via Zoom. At the moment, I have clients in Sydney, Brisbane and a few different cities in France. During our complementary call, we discuss how to work out a session schedule that works for both of us considering the time zone difference.

In which languages are the coaching and yoga sessions done?

I am fluent in English and French and can hold coaching and yoga sessions in both languages (or Frenglish is you prefer :). Your choice!

How much time during the day/week do I need to set aside for the program?

You will get out of the program what you put in!


During the 12-week, you will need to commit to set aside:

  • 5 to 15 minutes every morning or evening for a few different practices (i.e. meditation) and journaling

  • 3 to 7 times a week, set aside some time for exercise (this includes the weekly yoga sessions)

  • 1h (or 1h30 for the first session) once a week or a fortnight (depending of the package you choose) for your 1-1 coaching session

  • As an option, I am also recommending to read a few inspirational books throughout the programs and share some teachings and video in the weekly e-booklet (5 min to 1 hour reading or watching to do per week)

Do I have to include yoga as movement?

No, you can choose other types of exercises that you prefer, that raise your heart rate, makes you feel alive! Some packages do not include yoga sessions. You can also choose meditations sessions with me instead of yoga sessions. 

How much does the program cost?

There are a few different packages within the 12-month program. During our complementary call, we discuss you goals, expectations and needs in joining a coaching program. We establish if the program is a good fit for you, meaning if it would support you in reaching those goals and which package would meet those needs the best. So book a complementary call if you'd like to learn more.

When does the program start and end?

There are 3 intakes per year starting respectively at the end of January, mid-April and beginning of October and ending about 12 weeks after the start date (some intakes include a couple weeks of integration and a break). During our complementary call we discuss your timeline and the availabilities of each intake. There is a maximum of 10 participants per intake so if an intake is full, you can choose to apply for the following one or be put on the waiting list of that intake in case someone needs to reschedule their start date. 

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a comprehensive communications model that reveals to us that we, humans, don’t deal directly with reality.

Within the first 7 years of our life, we start building an internal map of the world, that is a filtered, generalised, distorted version of reality. We live and communicate to each other this perception, this construction, this understanding of our experience. We construct programs that we believe will enable us to function, that we feel will protect us from being hurt and bring us love.


In adulthood, a lot of those programs created in childhood end up running us subconsciously. We react instead of being able to respond. And a lot of those programs do not serve us anymore in our adult lives. They are an outdated version of our experience of reality!

So during our coaching sessions using NLP development tools, we go back to those moments in time those programs and beliefs were created. We release the emotional and nervous charge around the situations that created those programs, and reframe them. Then with this new state of mind, we are able to see the truth of the situation more clearly. We bring some space and flexibility within those programs and limiting beliefs for us to be able to respond instead of react in similar situations that happen in the present.

It is very powerful and empowering. Listen to Meenal tell her experience with the coaching sessions.

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