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Graduates  video feedback

Joelle, April 2021

What Fearless Women Say

"Amazing ... Life changing!!!

Before the program, I was not in touch with

my body, unable to sit with my feelings, constantly  avoiding them, battling anxiety. I had little to no self love, and was lacking the ability to connect with others. I had the need to be validated, to be good enough, in the eyes of others..

The program helped me in any ways imaginable!! Now, I am living again! I have a desire to create a life filled with compassion for others and the world we live in.

What you do Dorothee is kind of indescribable ... Ways I never realised was possible for me to be, to operate if I wanted to, or imagine and understand what life could be - it was like my mind was closed of and I was functioning at 5%.

So much Healing. So much support. So much wisdom.

Thanks for believing in me. xx"


Nicole, lives in NSW, Australia
Beautiful human inside out,
working mother

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Graduates video feedback

Joelle and Julie

Joelle, May 2021

Julie, October 2020


Meenal, August 2020

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