Graduates  video feedback

Joelle, April 2021

What Fearless Women Say

"Amazing ... Life changing!!!

Before the program, I was not in touch with

my body, unable to sit with my feelings, constantly  avoiding them, battling anxiety. I had little to no self love, and was lacking the ability to connect with others. I had the need to be validated, to be good enough, in the eyes of others..

The program helped me in any ways imaginable!! Now, I am living again! I have a desire to create a life filled with compassion for others and the world we live in.

What you do Dorothee is kind of indescribable ... Ways I never realised was possible for me to be, to operate if I wanted to, or imagine and understand what life could be - it was like my mind was closed of and I was functioning at 5%.

So much Healing. So much support. So much wisdom.

Thanks for believing in me. xx"


Nicole, lives in NSW, Australia
Beautiful human inside out,
working mother


Graduates video feedback


Joelle, May 2021

Julie, October 2020


Meenal, August 2020