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Striking A Balance: Introspection versus Self-Absorption

In the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, there's a delicate balance between introspection, self-care on one side and the pitfalls of self-absorption and selfishness on the other.

Understanding and maintaining this balance is essential, for our own well-being and also to nurture healthier connections with those around us (which increases our sense of well being, a virtuous circle). The inner work we undertake isn't just for ourselves; it's a means to love life, extend that love to others, and contribute to a better world.

Personal and spiritual development is all about evolving into the best version of ourselves – one that's more connected, compassionate, and vibrant. Ultimately, the highest intention behind this self-improvement journey is to radiate our unique light into the world.

So, when does self-care teeter into self-absorption?

  1. Neglecting Others' Needs: Self-care becomes problematic when it blinds us to the needs and feelings of those around us. While everyone is responsible for their emotions and actions, kindness, understanding, and a desire to avoid causing harm should guide our interactions with others. Tuning into our internal energies shouldn't mean shutting our hearts to those in need, even if Mercury is in retrograde ;)! Being here for our friends, family and community in need is the basis of creating trust and real connection.

  2. Feeling Superior: The moment we start viewing others as "inferior" due to their differing levels of spiritual development or consciousness, we've most likely crossed the line. We all exist on our unique developmental paths and timelines, making no one inherently better or worse. It's okay to spend less time with certain individuals, but learning humility is also part of the developmental journey.

  3. Isolation: As you spend more time in other “roams” in your meditative space, spending time with humans on this plane can feel challenging. I get it. I have been there. However remembering why you do all that inner work, why you meditate, is important. I am guessing you don’t do that just to stay alone in your cave the rest of your life… no, as mentioned earlier the inner work is all done to love. Love life. Love each others. And spread that higher vibration to the world. So there is a need to come back to earth… and connect to other beings.

Finding the Balance:

  1. Awareness: Assess actions, thoughts, and emotional state to strive for harmony. Remember connection to others is part of the growth and part of opening the heart space, and actually part of self-care.

  2. Give What You Can: When feeling off-balance but a friend needs help, offer what you reasonably can—a visit, a call, or a kind gesture, even if a small one. Giving is rejuvenating.

  3. Responsibility: Honor commitments at work and in relationships, barring certain circumstances. Reliability is key in building trust in relationships.

  4. Empathy and Compassion: Empathy fosters harmony by understanding others' emotions and needs. Compassion goes beyond empathy by taking action to help others. Those 2 qualities of beings are part of opening up and balancing the heart chakra, so part of your inner journey.

  5. Balanced Self-Care: Prioritize self-care while remaining flexible. Allocate time for rejuvenating and energising activities but maintain flexible boundaries to support others when needed.

  6. Get feedback: ask your loved ones, partner, friends, what support they need and if they feel loved and supported by your relationship.

Remember harmony is key!

Make connection, compassion to others is part of your self-care and developmental journey, leading to a more fulfilling life for yourself and those you touch.

If you are ready for this challengingly beautiful developmental journey, reach out to me. I am here to support you, guide you and walk along side with you.

Send me a message, email or book a call with me on the site.

With love and gratitude!


CEO and Founder of Fearlessly Yourself

Women Empowerment Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner

Pranic Healer

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher


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