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Fearlessly Yourself Coaching

Women Empowerment Coach and International Yoga Teacher
Dorothée Marossero


Rediscover the most vibrant version of yourself.
I am here to help you overcome low self-worth, self-doubts and anxiety and create an energizing and meaningful life!

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How to work with me?

Are you ready to become wholesomely, authentically,

fearlessly yourself?

Let me guide you and give you the support you need to take the step into your next level of magnificence, empowerment and wellness. 


From anywhere in the world, join our unique programs, classes and courses for women:

  • Looking to gain vitality, motivation, confidence, joy and a sense of purpose

  • Seeking more abundance in every areas of life

  • Determined to free themselves of their limiting beliefs and self-doubts

My offerings

Hi !


My name is Dorothée Marossero,

I spent many years in the high pace corporate world of medical devices before I transformed my life to follow my passions. I have a Master of Science, an MBA, I am a certified life coach and yoga instructor with more than a decade of experience of practicing, coaching and teaching yoga internationally. I am also a featured writer for a few journals such as the Elephant Journal.


My true mission in life is to empower women around the globe to step up to their next level of vibrancy. I use development tools, somatic and mindfulness approaches from my background in neurolinguistic programming and yoga.

Holistic program

Our unique offerings

Because everything is connected, the food we eat, how much we exercise, the thoughts that run in our head and those that run us, our beliefs, our connection to ourselves, our love for ourselves and others, the planet…

The Fearlessly Yourself offerings are all based on four pillars:

mindset coaching




nutrition coaching


self-care nutrition



Amazing... Life Changing! What you do Dorothee is kind of indescribable! So much Healing. So much support. So much wisdom.

Nicole, NSW, Australia

Joining the program was my 40 year old birthday present. I could not have asked for a more beautiful gift! I gained so much out of this program, that I am forever grateful!

Joelle, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Transformed! I’ve welcomed my feminine side. I’ve welcomed and nurtured my maternal self. I’m less hard on myself.

I live in the present. I just want to BE. Life is good. I feel blessed. Truly blessed.

Julie, Paris, France

My wheel of life has expanded, along with my spiritual toolbox. And my love of writing and journaling has been re-ignited.


Thank you, Dorothee, for helping me become fearlessly myself."

Kristy, Sydney, Australia

Want to know more about
the different offerings? 

Let's chat to discuss your specific goals, expectations and timeframe.


During this 30-minute video call, I want to hear from you, your current situation and what you would like to change in your life right now. 


I will also present you the programs in more detail, the topics through which we will navigate together, and the different options that are available for you, including intake start and end date.

No hard sell, simply a chat to understand if and what offering would be a good fit for you.


Just pick a date and time that suits you in the planner and we will connect via Zoom.

Please only book a call if you are going to show up for it. 

Fearlessly Yourself Youtube Channel

Fearlessly Yourself Youtube Channel

Fearlessly Yourself Youtube Channel
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Worse case scenario   SD 480p

Worse case scenario SD 480p

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On gratitude

On gratitude

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Fearlessly Yourself Emotions SD 480p

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Is your "hyper-achiever" personality hiding a lack of true self-esteem? PART 1

Is your "hyper-achiever" personality hiding a lack of true self-esteem? PART 1

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