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7 days of breath and meditation for Inner Peace

  • 7Days
  • 11Steps


Cultivate a state of Inner Peace by bringing focus on the body, the breath, the present moment. During those 7 days, you will use 7 different tools to release the mind chatter, bring awareness to the body, and create a state of inner stillness. Each breath or meditation practice is 10-minute long, so carve this short time in your busy day, to welcome inner peace and set the tone of your day. The practices are bathed in the magical sound healing of the crystal bowls played by Katherine Jameson, creator of Energy & Sounds Holistic Therapies. No meditation or yoga experience needed! Day 1: Breathing awareness - how to breathe properly Day 2: Box breathing Day 3: Nadi Shodana Breathing Day 4: Yoga Nidra - lay down, relax and enjoy! Day 5: Candlelight meditation Day 6: Mantra meditation Day 7: Movement meditation Completely free of charge. Join today!

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