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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 10 easy steps

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

And shift your energy to a place that serves you better in the moment

We are truly living in an interesting time, where globally, humans are rubbing each others the wrong ways, disconnected, sometimes frustrated, lonely. I have definitely felt waves of big emotions coming up within me this year. Much more than usual. So I practice more than usual.

Here I am sharing the most effective tips I have refined over 15+ years, to raise your energy when strong low emotional ebbs show up (and these days they might show up more regularly):

1. Awareness — Stop and breathe

When you feel triggered: sad, angry, frustrated, lonely, uncomfortable, fearful, shameful… Take a moment to pause and take a deep breath. Or two. If you are in a situation that triggers you, give yourself permission to remove yourself from that situation. Kindly but intentionally excuse yourself if you are around people. If you were reading a post or comment on social media, switch off the platform…

2. Honor the emotions, be kind

All emotions are valid so give yourself permission to feel whatever emotions are coming up for you. It is OK to feel what you feel, there is nothing wrong with you. Even if you are a healer, a coach, a yoga teacher, a grown-up, a man !, a mother, a professional, having emotions is part of being human. Neither good nor bad. Just part of living. So be kind to yourself.

3. Crucial moment: Choose not to distract

Make the choice to NOT distract yourself here with whatever you use as “protection” as “numbing” behavior: it could be food, social media, Netflix binging, alcohol or anything else. There might be a part of you showing up there to try to “protect” you from pain and will loudly oppose to you feeling what is there to be felt. Be kind to this part of yourself, thank her for trying to protect you, tell her that her strategy of avoidance might not be the best all the time, as it just delays the sensations and prevent your healing. Tell her you will feel whatever you know you are capable of handling right now, so this part of yourself can relax and let you feel. So intentionally choose to switch off social media, turn off the TV, put the glass of wine back in the cupboard…

4. Permission to feel / trust

The fear of feeling is usually worse than the feeling itself. So give yourself permission to feel. If you have the chance, go for a walk in nature or sit in nature (below a tree, at the beach, on a rock, in the forest). And in the healing presence of nature, give yourself permission to feel. Nothing and nobody better than nature allows you to be true to yourself, with no judgment. (If you don’t have access to nature, do the same wherever you are.) Observe the energy moving in your body. Where is it located? How does the sensation feel, where does it move? What colour is it? TRUST that you can handle whatever is coming up.

5. Listen

Take the time to listen and hear the message brought here. There is a part of you that is hurt, that needs love, reassurance, a hug. Hear this wounded part of yourself, give this part some attention and love.

6. Give yourself some love

Do not underestimate the power of the human touch. Literally give yourself a hug, touch your heart, give yourself a massage of the neck, head, hands, feet...

7. Lift yourself up

If you feel a bit paralyzed by the emotions, choose one thing that requires the least amount of effort and that you know brings you peace, joy, lift you up: watering the plants, listening to your favorite tune, planting the feet in the ground, take a walk in nature, breathing, meditating, chanting, singing, tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique is such a powerful technique to shift your energy)... Observe the shift, as small as it is. If you’d like a little support in this process, listen to my “Letting Go meditation” on youtube.

8. Move your body

Move your body, doing something you enjoy: a walk, listen to music, dance, sing, swim, yoga. Let the energy move through you.

9. Connect

Call a dear friend that you know will truly listen to you. Connect. Share. Cry. Laugh. Discharge.

10. Tune in to your favorite teacher

Listen to or read something or watch a video from one of your favorite “spiritual teacher”. Listening to the voice, reading the teachings, feeling the energy of the following authors and leaders truly shift my energy to a more peaceful, grounded, whole state of being:

Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Anodea Judith, Shiva Rea, Thich That Hanh, Gabby Bernstein, Jack Kornfield… and plenty others.

Model their energy!

Needing support in this intentional cultivation of higher states, let’s have a chat! Check-out our 12-week program, a mind body journey to discover and cultivate a higher state of being.

Dorothee Marossero Msc MBA is a transformational coach, creator of Fearlessly Yourself and Dottyoga. She uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga, mindfulness, somatic and self-care approaches to bring sustainable and deep transformation to women around the world.

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